Empowering the community to SPEAK UP to eliminate suicide in Cortland County

The SPEAK UP Suicide Prevention Coalition was established in May of 2019 with a mission to: 

Prevent suicide in Cortland County through:

a. Creating awareness & understanding about the prevalence of suicide to reduce stigma

b. Educational opportunities to empower individuals to speak up for themselves and others

c. Perseverance with support to increase hope and strengthen our community

SPEAK UP Cortland is run by volunteers from many different agencies, organizations, and partners all working together to serve the people of Cortland County

Our current strategic plan focuses on two priority populations: Men over the age of 35 and Youths 

We have two subcommittees to address these: Means Safety and Youth/Schools 

SPEAK UP Cortland and the Cortland County Health Department collaborated on shared goals for suicide prevention as part of their Community Health Improvement Plan or CHIP!

View the shared Goals and Objectives HERE

View the 2023 Cortland County Suicide Prevention Assessment HERE